Ever think Valentine’s Day is getting a bit too serious? Do you find yourself significantly attached to a plant geek? Maybe you work with a group of botany nerds? Perhaps it is you that delights in plant humor and you want to give out Valentine’s Day Cards that will make people stand up and take notice of your botanical love!

Never fear! This charmingly groan worthy collection of bad botanical plant puns is sure to cause giggles around the office, the greenhouse, or the landscape architecture firm! Simply click on the design to purchase or go to the greeting card section of the Ecobota Shop to see all of the card designs currently available.



Bee Balm Mine?


Sorry about the Blue Bells…


Can’t wait till Christmas Fern


Awesome to the Coreopsis


I’d never give you a Black Eyed Susan

"You fit me like a foxglove, baby!"

You fit me like a foxglove